No. Your Landlord Won’t Know You Called Us … Even If You Want Them To.

Several people have asked privately whether landlords will know you called DCRA to report they had no business license or that they weren’t being responsive to your requests. Every year, DCRA conducts 40,000 home inspections at the request of renters for various reasons. And we take privacy and your wish to remain anonymous very seriously. Our goal is to ensure buildings are safe and healthy – not to create a big scene.

And most of the time, a simple visit from city inspectors can be just the nudge landlords need to respond to problems quickly and without any hassle. If you have any concerns, call us anonymously at 202-437-1024 or email us.

7 thoughts on “No. Your Landlord Won’t Know You Called Us … Even If You Want Them To.

  1. ct

    it doesn’t matter either way, because nothing happens after it is found your landlord has no business license, is threatening to kick you out of your house, and DC office of tenant advocate just gives you a run around every time you call them, and won’t respond to your emails after it’s been months since it was found that our landlord doesn’t have his license.

    what a waste of time. maybe when you all aren’t backlogged in paper work and prior claims, you should start a blog.

  2. dcracommunications

    Thanks for commenting. If you contact us, we can schedule an inspection immediately. We are not the Office of the Tenant Advocate, but we help make sure your unit is safe. Please contact us.

  3. dcracommunications

    I just checked with Firefox and Explorer, but you may be using Safari? Let me check with a Mac user and see if we can isolate any issues. Thanks. Look her for update. In the meantime, if you want to email an address (look under contacts) I can send results to you privately. Thanks for visiting.

  4. csharp

    How are you indexing this information. It is hard to know how to search addresses, and listing all for 1 unit rentals has over 400 pages for results. You can’t just type in a street name and get results back

  5. dcracommunications

    Sorry you are having problems. The system was set up to be used to look up specific individual addresses/businesses, not general queries by street, wards or zip codes. What exactly are you searching for, maybe we can help.

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