Thanks for Noticing Us, New York Times.

The efforts of the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and its campaign were featured in the New York Times today. Check it out. It’s been a good week for us. We’re approaching 10,000 hits since we launched in late September and this week we’ve received phone calls from universities in South Carolina and Texas on how to replicate what we’re trying to do for the students in the District of Columbia.

We can’t say this enough. Our goal is to make sure housing is safe in the District – whether we get involved or not. We’ve got tools to do your own inspections, tips for planning escape routes, link to request free smoke detectors and installation from DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services, and much, much more. Mayor Fenty and DCRA Director Linda Argo are committed to do whatever it takes. And not just for students. Every District resident has the ability to use our services. And as you can see from the story in the NY Times and the features on this blog, we are getting results.

So, if you live in the District, use any of the communications tools we have to let us your know your problems and we will do our best to resolve them as quickly as possible. Try us on Facebook, Twitter, email us or call 202-442-4513 and we’ll get working right away. Or call 202-442-9557 first thing Monday morning and request an inspection immediately.

Let’s keep the momentum going.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for Noticing Us, New York Times.

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