Colleges Say ‘No’ To Renting Out Dorms. What About Your Off-Campus House?

With millions expected to flock to DC for the Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2009, some entrepreneurial college students are trying to rent out dorms to make a few extra dollars, according to the National Journal. Colleges are issuing special rules to prevent this from happening. George Washington University here in the District issued a special guest policy just for the event. Even students are coming out against this idea.

But these conversations appear to be centered around on-campus dwellings, not off-campus. So what can a student if he or she wants to rent their rental for Inauguration? The answer is check with your landlord first. A lot of leases contain language regarding subletting and doing so without permission could get you into some trouble with your landlord. Will they know? We don’t know. But just be safe and make sure you are not violating your lease.

If you happen to own your home, DC recently suspended enforcement of the rental laws around the Inauguration, so be sure to check out the sample lease and read about some of the issues you might face.

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