Two Great Ways to Raise Awareness on Rental Housing Safety


When DCRA first started this online project to reach students, we met Georgetown’s Assistant Director for Off-Campus Student Life Ray Danieli. Ray has been a champion of and is a major reason we are getting dozens of inspection requests and many applications from landlords to become licensed every week.

We are approaching 15,000 unique views to our site and more than half of those visiting our using our landlord search application. We encourage EVERYONE, student or not, to use this information to learn your rights, understand the rules. Please contact us at anytime to get answers to your questions or call 202-442-9557 to schedule an inspection if you have issues with your apartment or home. And do an inspection yourself from time to time, even if your property is licensed.

Back to Ray. One of the reasons this campaign exists is because of the tragic death of Georgetown student Daniel Rigby in a house fire – a fire that may have been prevented had the property been inspected.  Ray and others helped us to spread the word that DC will help, we just need you to contact us. DCRA is now going to inspect all rental properties whether we ever receive a complaint – a huge improvement for us lead by Director Linda Argo. While proactive inspections will minimize these tragic circumstances, we still need all of your eyes and ears out there in your and your friends rental properties.

The memory of Mr. Rigby continues to live on through his foundation Friends of Rigby Foundation and the Rigby Run.

The foundation is holding two events over the next few months and we ask everyone to please visit the sites and volunteer in anyway you can. Here are the details:

Rigby Weekend
Date/Time:    4/4/2009 @ TBA
Location:    Georgetown University and Thunder Grill @ Union Station
Price:    TBA
Notes:    Run will take place on Saturday mid-afternoon with the Ball following that night. More info to be posted shortly.

3rd Annual St. Patricks Day Party
Date/Time:    3/14/2009 @ 8pm-12am
Location:    Rosie OGradys, NYC
Price:    $80 – Buy Tickets Now
Notes:    Tickets are $80 in advance, $100 at the door.

Open bar, food, dj and dancing are included. The St. Patrick’s event is an open party. Please feel free to pass this along as all are welcome.

Please support these events and if anyone reading has other events we can highlight, volunteer for or sponsor, please let us know. We are mandated, but also dedicated to provide safe housing for everyone in the District and we will do anything to spread the word as far and wide as possible. Also a hat tip to Dave at the blog whyihatedc for mentioning our efforts in his recent post. Dave went to school with Mr. Rigby.

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