Catholic U. Students Cautioned

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) issued a strong warning to students at the Catholic University of America recently. They cautioned students against what they are calling “outrageous” conduct at off-campus housing.  DCRA would like to echo MPD’s sentiments, especially as we move towards the close of the semester and the sure to happen end of the year parties.

For DCRA’s part, as Sergeant Wayne Steinhilber mentioned in his post at the CUA Tower, if trash and debris is covering the ground outside of one of these houses, we will get involved–including the possible issuance of fines.  Landlords don’t tend to really like the idea of police, fire marshalls and city inspectors and investigators frequenting their properties.  So, if you are a student at CUA or any of the other colleges and universities in the District, certainly enjoy college life, but be mindful that there are rules that you have to follow.

Just the same as you want your landlords to respect your requests for service or assistance, your landlords expect for you to be respectful of their properties.  Your neighbors want to know that their homes will be safe with you around.  So, party like it’s 1999 2009, but be careful and be wise.  Just this past weekend, the annual Run for Rigby was held to commemorate the life of former Georgetown University student Daniel Rigby.  He was killed in a house fire back in 2004 at no fault of his own.  How do you think your family would feel about getting a call that something had happened to you, only there’s a great chance you were at fault?  Not good…….

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