DCRA Saves the Day at Howard U.

Okay, not really. We didn’t do anything that necessarily proved that we have super powers, but we did do something good! Tuesday, we packed up the truck car with fliers, water bottles and refrigerator magnets and headed to Howard University to take part in their off-campus housing fair.  As with other colleges and universities in the District, we attend events like this to inform students about their rights as renters before they sign leases.

The event at Howard was great.  A steady stream of students visited the fair, eager to get information from vendors hoping to rent apartments to them.  Meanwhile, we informed as many students in the hall as possible about the tools right here at Thisshouldbeillegal.com that will help them avoid all types of rental nightmares.  We also informed them that even if they decided to ignore our advice and find themselves in a bad situation, they can still contact us for assistance with rental unit issues.

One of the biggest bits of advice that we give to students planning to rent here in the District is to make sure that the would be landlord is registered with DCRA to legitimitely rent a house or apartment.  We warned them against signing leases that would be landlords try to rush them into committing to and we told them, “If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” 

Be sure to tell your friends about this site if they are planning to rent in DC!  We were told some horror stories by some of the students who stopped by to chat with us at Howard.  We would really like for you not to have rats as roommates either.

2 thoughts on “DCRA Saves the Day at Howard U.

    1. dcracommunications

      No. The contract, meaning the lease, is separate from the licensing. It would be very tough and have to be done in court.

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