Turn Up the Heat!


Students, today is the day when most landlords and buiding engineers across the District officially turn on heating systems in buildings that don’t allow tenants to control their own thermostats.  There isn’t a law that says landlords have to officially turn on the heat, but there is a law about how warm your building must be kept, at a minimum.  Heat must be kept at a temperature of at least sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit (68° F) between 6:30 am and 11 pm.  Between 11 pm and 6:30 am, a building’s heat must be kept at a minimum temperature of sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit (65° F).

If you wake up with icicles hanging off your nose one morning in the coming days, there’s a good chance your building isn’t 65 or 68 degrees.  So, if you’ve contacted your landlord a call and you can’t seem to get any results, give us a call or reach out to us using one of the methods listed here at our site (Twitter, Facebook or email) and we’ll do what we can to help.

5 thoughts on “Turn Up the Heat!

  1. Josh

    We’ve had several problems with our appartment, for the most part i’ve managed to fix them myself. But now that winter is approaching, the tempature in our appartment has averaged around 62 degrees. We came home today and it was 59 degrees! What is the best action to take since i’ve called him about 15 times on this issue alone! Thank you !

    1. dcracommunications

      Are your roommates keeping it too cold? While I’m not an expert but did have plenty of roommates, I always just tried to reach a compromise – some hesitate to keep it too warm especially if you’re splitting the heating bill. If it’s too cold, maybe gets one of the ceramic space heaters with automatic turn-off. I hope this is what you meant.

  2. Melissa

    It’s the weirdest living situation. The apartment splits it for us three ways. One roommate has moved in with her bf but stills pays rent and electric. So it’s me and one other girl fighting over the air. It was snowing one day and she turned off the heat and one night she turned on the ac when it was below freezing. It was set on 68. She has told me to buy a electric blanket or she would buy me one, but that doesn’t help just walking around the apartment. And she said she worried about the bill but she ran the ac on 68 and never turned it off. And I thought we came to a compremise with 71 but now she wants to turn it off when no one is here. I froze in the summer and I don’t want to in the winter and am feed up, so I was more looking for what my legal rights are???

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