Burleith Resident Creates Blog to Chronicle ‘Drunken’ Student Behavior

For the past two years, we’ve been working hard to get students to learn about building safety, to inspect their own homes, request city inspections and make sure they are renting from licensed landlords. We managed to get several hundred student properties inspected and as many new licenses have been issued. We are getting calls from students, parents and even professors about safety issues for of-campus student housing. While DCRA is not responsible regulating for student behavior – other than building safety issues – we do want to encourage all students to take as much responsibility for their actions as they have so far through our campaign. Try to be good neighbors. Try to clean up after yourselves. We’ve been so impressed with the initiative students have taken to make sure their off-campus housing is safe.

One Burleith resident has created a new blog to chronicle his experience living in the Georgetown area. What do you think of his effort? Let us know your thoughts. Will this work?

2 thoughts on “Burleith Resident Creates Blog to Chronicle ‘Drunken’ Student Behavior

  1. hilary1121

    After the death of good friend and classmate in 2004 in off campus housing, I am very aware of DCRA’s efforts to make student housing safe, and I thank you for your efforts.

    The author of this “drunken Georgetown students” blog, on the other hand, deserves no thanks. Unless a student is breaking a law or committing a serious disruption of the peace, posting photos of students on a public blog is really uncalled for. The University has existed since 1789. If you moved in to a Georgetown neighborhood at any point after 1789, you should expect to be living near students.

  2. Mary

    Tune in tonight on NBC Washinghton’s News4 at 5 and get the latest!

    A new website designed for “the sleepless residents of Burleith and Georgetown” gives tips to those fed up with college students partying next door to them. What kind of attention will this site bring to this chronic issue? We’re talking to all sides tonight on News4 at 5.

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