About DCRA

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The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) is responsible for protecting the quality of life and economic interest of District residents, businesses and visitors by enforcing building codes, registering corporate entities, issuing licenses and permits and providing consumer education.

Within Our Reach

DCRA continuously collaborates with various District government agencies to help our communities function safely and as easily as possible. The following services are within our scope of duty:

  • Issue building permits and business licenses
  • Issue occupational and professional licenses
  • Issue permits for special events
  • Issue building plat and surveyor records
  • Issue building and supplemental permits
  • Review building plans
  • Review land and building plans to ensure compliance with zoning regulations
  • Help homeowners get permits for home improvements and repairs
  • Help consumers and merchants resolve disputes
  • Offer workshops and one-on-one business counseling for small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Monitor corporate registrations
  • Conduct permit-based inspections to ensure compliance with the DC Construction Codes
  • Classify, register and designate vacant properties and lots
  • Inspect residential dwellings for compliance with the Property Maintenance Codes
  • Inspect commercial weighing and measuring devices
  • Inspect buildings for condemnation
  • Investigate illegal construction complaints

Beyond Our Reach

DCRA continuously collaborates with various District government agencies for efficient service execution. It is important for consumers to understand which District government agency is responsible for your needs. We have listed services that are beyond our scope of responsibilities in the District. If you need assistance with any services below, feel free to contact the appropriate agency listed in parentheses.

The following are public services DCRA cannot regulate:

  • Dead Trees (DDOT)
  • Verification of Owner Information (OTR)
  • Public Space Complaints (DDOT)
  • Air Quality Complaints (DOEE)
  • Asbestos and Mold (mold.dc.gov)
  • Squatter (DHS/MPD)
  • Lead-Safe Healthy Housing (DOEE)
  • Trash removal in public areas (DPW)
  • Street and alley clean up (DPW)
  • Abandoned Cars (DPW)
  • Construction Safety (OSHA)
  • Toxic Substance (DOEE)
  • Rodents (DOH)

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