September is National Campus Fire Safety Month

Ed Comeau over at Campus Firewatch is doing some amazing things to raise awareness on campuses across the country about fire safety. He is leading an effort called The Campus Firewatch Media Project that provides an opportunity for students across the nation to write fire safety-related articles for publication in Campus Firewatch.  An article will be selected each month and the winning submission will receive $500.  Or go to Campus Firewatch for more great information on keeping it safe.

The goals of this project are to:

* Encourage students to learn more about fire safety and write articles from their perspective
* Provide an opportunity for journalism students to get published
* Develop content for Campus Firewatch from a student’s perspective on the fire safety problem/issues

Suggested initial topics include (but are not limited to):

* Fire safety, why students don’t seem to care
* The challenges of finding a fire-safe house off-campus
* How to reach today’s Millennial students about fire safety
* Providing fire safety to disabled students
* What should students know about fire safety, on-campus, off-campus and on vacation
* What is fire, how does it start, grow and spread
* What does fire do to me?
* Why are students disabling the smoke alarms

This video speaks for itself.

Do you want a free fire safety inspection, go here.

DC Fire & Emergency Medical Services Wants To Help You Too

The DC Fire & Emergency Medical Services Department is partnering with DCRA to reach out to college students who live off-campus. DC Fire & EMS has issued a new bulletin to help students protect themselves.

For the full list of tips for those living off-campus, click here.

One of the key ways you can make your rental unit safer is to ensure there are smoke alarms in all sleeping areas and hallways, stairwells etc. Test the alarm regularly to make sure it is working. If the dwelling does not have a smoke alarm, contact the Office of the Fire Marshal at 202-727-1600 to report no smoke alarm or any fire code violation.

Or you can request to have smoke alarms installed at no charge by submitting an online form.