Thanks Students. Tell Howard Officials You Need Our Help.

Well. We got asked to leave Howard’s campus today. Several Howard officials unfortunately asked us to leave campus despite the fact students were excited to get the information on making their homes safer. We were handing out information on housing code violations, inspections and heat regulations, but since we didn’t have permission, we were asked to leave. Here are some pics.

We have tried to work with Howard’s student affairs and provost’s office, but have received no response since we launched in September. Can someone from Howard call us now to allow us on campus so students can feel safe and warm in their homes? We have received dozens and dozens of calls from students seeking our help. Two properties are actually going through some serious investigations. We don’t name names, but students you know who you are. Talk to us and our readers. They need to know that we respond quickly and have made off-campus housing and neighborhoods safer. And Howard University, please return our calls.

And don’t forget to look up your landlord and see if they have a license? Click here to get started.