Students: Create Your Own Campaign

Over the past two weeks, has been contacted by several student groups who want to help with this initiative. And we said: when can you start? We want as much help as we can get.

So … here is your Starter Kit. On this page you will find links to promotional posters for Howard University, Georgetown University, University of the District of Columbia and The George Washington University. You can tape them onto light poles, or tack into your campus bulletin boards. They come up as PDFs and feel free to print as many as you want.

If your school is not listed below or you can  think of something else that  might be helpful or you would like to put your logo or organizations name on a flier, we will make it for you and email it to you directly. Email us your logo and we’ll send you a special individualized poster.

We would also be happy to come speak to your group or at one of your events to highlight the importance of housing safety.

This is a great effort for student organizations, fraternities and sororities, or just a group of friends to do some philanthropy targted at their peers.

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