DCRA: Coming to a Campus Near You

DCRA rep at Howard University, October 2008
DCRA rep at Howard University, October 2008

At this point, across the District, school is back in session.  By now, students are all settled in to their new apartments, fresh new towels and washclothes hanging on their bathroom racks.  Plush new rugs tossed onto floors with still creased from the package sheets fitted onto mattresses– adorned by vibrant new comforters.  But, are those landlords licensed!!!?  DCRA is going to help you make sure.

Yesterday, we headed to the Georgetown University’s campus for their Resource Fair and tomorrow, we’ll be paying a visit to the University of the District of Columbia’s campus.  We’ll be passing out information and answering any questions that students may have about their rental housing or landlords.  In the coming weeks, we hope to make it, at least once, to each of the campuses here in the District because this is vital information.

If you are renting a place from an unlicensed landlord, you could be putting yourself at grave risk.  Saving your life is more important than saving a few dollars.  Remember that.  While  you are here, check out the many resources offered at thisshouldbeillegal.com and tell your friends.

The first few weeks back at school can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  If  you are already dealing with off-campus housing woes, check to see if it’s something that we can help you with before you lose your cool.  And, if your college or university is having an event and you’d like for us to come out and hand out information and give your students a chance to ask questions with us, face to face, contact us using one of the methods in the “Contact Us” tab on the right side of the page.

September is National Campus Fire Safety Month

Ed Comeau over at Campus Firewatch is doing some amazing things to raise awareness on campuses across the country about fire safety. He is leading an effort called The Campus Firewatch Media Project that provides an opportunity for students across the nation to write fire safety-related articles for publication in Campus Firewatch.  An article will be selected each month and the winning submission will receive $500.  Or go to Campus Firewatch for more great information on keeping it safe.

The goals of this project are to:

* Encourage students to learn more about fire safety and write articles from their perspective
* Provide an opportunity for journalism students to get published
* Develop content for Campus Firewatch from a student’s perspective on the fire safety problem/issues

Suggested initial topics include (but are not limited to):

* Fire safety, why students don’t seem to care
* The challenges of finding a fire-safe house off-campus
* How to reach today’s Millennial students about fire safety
* Providing fire safety to disabled students
* What should students know about fire safety, on-campus, off-campus and on vacation
* What is fire, how does it start, grow and spread
* What does fire do to me?
* Why are students disabling the smoke alarms

This video speaks for itself.

Do you want a free fire safety inspection, go here.

The Story of Our thisshouldbeillegal.com Waterbottles

Front of Waterbottle
Front of Waterbottle

The thousands of waterbottles we are distributing across the District’s college campuses are made from 80 percent recycled materials and are made in the United States. They are also BPA-free which means the no chemicals are leached into the water like Nalgene’s hard plastic bottles. Use them in class, at the gym, or just hanging out at home. Everytime someone sees them, it will help make your neighborhood safer.

Students: Create Your Own Campaign

Over the past two weeks, thisshouldbeillegal.com has been contacted by several student groups who want to help with this initiative. And we said: when can you start? We want as much help as we can get.

So … here is your Starter Kit. On this page you will find links to promotional posters for Howard University, Georgetown University, University of the District of Columbia and The George Washington University. You can tape them onto light poles, or tack into your campus bulletin boards. They come up as PDFs and feel free to print as many as you want.

If your school is not listed below or you can  think of something else that  might be helpful or you would like to put your logo or organizations name on a flier, we will make it for you and email it to you directly. Email us your logo and we’ll send you a special individualized poster.

We would also be happy to come speak to your group or at one of your events to highlight the importance of housing safety.

This is a great effort for student organizations, fraternities and sororities, or just a group of friends to do some philanthropy targted at their peers.

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