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DCRA’s off-campus housing initiative for the District’s university students operates with a mission to provide extensive access to tools, tips, and resources for renting off-campus housing in the District. As the regulatory agency for the District of Columbia, it is our desire, through this initiative, to ensure all student off-campus renters safe and habitable living quarters.

Have questions about anything from knowing your rights to requesting an inspection, our tips, tools, and resources will help guide you and make sure you are aware of resourceful access to district government assistance as you matriculate.  NO student should rent off-campus housing and not know expectations of landlords and the renter.

Visit for additional resources for your rental needs.

12 thoughts on “Tips, Tools, and Resources

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  6. Joseph

    This checklist, along with this website, is a farce. Your only concern is getting money from business owners, not the protection of the tenants as you claim. An inspector just came out to a unit I have lived in for 5 years. There were code violations, yet she never issued him infractions. She never tested the GFI in kitchen…doesnt work. Never went to the garage…water stands. Never went into the second bedroom…no smoke detector. My landlord applied for his BBL after I said I couldnt find it. No penalty. Why on earth would someone get one. Dont tell your tenant about the Rent control act as required…wait for 3 years to go by, then nothing can be done to you….nice law DC!

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